Voicemail from an extension voicemail to a group of extensions

I have setup an extension to catch after hours calls with the option of leaving a message. If a message is left I want the message sent to all extensions to ensure that the person in first in the morning gets the message and acts upon it. It would appear Voice Blasting might do this for me however from what i am reading Voice Blasting seems to be used for staff to leave a message for a group of extension. Can I direct an extension voice message to a Voice Blast Group?
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The number of the Voicemail blasting group can be the destination of most anything. an exensions=> advanced=>no answer might be onesolution, but probably it would better to use a time condition for inbound calls, the out of hours match going direct to the blaster. Be aware that everyone in the group gets a copy, it is not deleted after anyone has read it. , so often “hinting” a voicemail box is preferred.

I have set it up and it works fine.Time Conditions>to an announcement> to Voice Blasting>to all in group

I have googled “Hinting” and nothing I have found tells me what “Hinting” means perhaps you can help?

Thank you


Thank you

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