Voicemail Box Restrictions?

Hey all, quick question (maybe). I have a client with 10+ locations and one of them they have “temporary housing” to where they rotate through extensions for those people to receive messages. So, if a new person comes to live there… and 101 is available they get 101. The recording never changes, but they can change the password and that is it. Moving them to FreePBX, what is the best way to mimic this? They DONT want them to be able to change the recordings when they log into the FPBX voicemail system, just enter the mailbox, password and be able to listen / delete messages. That’s it.

You asked on IRC, so here’s my response for those people that don’t search the IRC archives 8)

2:09:49 PM That's kinda hard. There's no real facility for that.  The *easiest* thing would be to just copy all the voicemail audio files over the top of whatever the users have set them to every hour or so.
2:09:59 PM So take a copy of what you want them to be, stick them somewhere, and then have a job in cron that copies them back over the top.
2:10:11 PM I'm lazy, so that's what I'd do.
2:10:46 PM The super easy thing would be to re-record the instructions so that the 'press zero' option isn't said.
2:11:16 PM Oh, actually, that's dumb. You could just chown the files on the filesystem so they can' tbe overwritten
2:11:21 PM that's the simplest solution
2:26:07 PM E<exuberocity> ... Gotcha Rob, yeah those are two of the things I thought of too. Was just wondering if we could remove the option for "Dial 0 for Mailbox Options" some way. Thank you for the info!
2:30:14 PM X<•X-Rob> Only by re-recording the file

If you were to re-record the file for dial zero, would that affect all mailboxes or would there be a way to segregate mailboxes? Ex: admin phones would still have the zero for mailbox options and guest phones would not.

If you remove the option from the recording, the option is still there… The way to solve the problem is to tell the admins “If you want to do this, press the secret option ‘0’.” Changing the recording doesn’t change the system, just the prompt.

It’s kind of like when I recorded the “Enter PIN” message for one of my systems. I said “Enter your 4-digit PIN” and set all of the PINs to 5 digits. Everyone that has a PIN knows what their PIN is, and they know it’s 5 digits. Anyone that doesn’t have a PIN can happily hammer away on every 4-digit combo they want.

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Thank you Cynjut,
I am having a difficult time trying to find a “hospitality” solution for room phones. The hotel only wants the guest to be able to listen and delete messages with no other options. My search continues…

Have you looked at the commercial hospitality module? I’d think that would be one of the features built into that. @xrobau or one of the other Sangoma guys may be able to get you closer. You could also send some email to ‘[email protected]’ and see if they can help you get where you want to go.

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