Voicemail accessing from internal

I’ve been using FreePBX for about 6 months now and it’s mostly been working fine. Recently I’ve run into an issue where my users will dial *97 from their extension, and the call appears to connect, but nothing is heard. The call will stay connected for about 1 minute and then disconnect.
I did some googling on the topic. I found some threads talking about an extra [] in the voicemail.conf file. That does not appear in mine.
I found another topic talking about the sound files being blank. If I go to the voicemail admin section to settings/sound files, all of the options are blank on mine. I never set these up in the first place, so if they are supposed to have default values, I don’t know what they are supposed to be.
Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using g722? If so does going to g711 fix it?

I don’t see g711 listed in either freepbx or the yealink phones.

in the general sip settings of FreePBX my codecs are as follows:

In my Yealink phones it’s as follows:

ulaw (µ-law), alaw (A-law), PCMU and PCMA are G.711

µ-law is commonly used in North America, A-law elsewhere…

What Lorne wants you to try is remove G.722 from the list (my guess is because of similar issues people reported with G.722)…

You might also want to remove the variant of G.711 which doesn’t apply to your location (keep only µ-law if in North America, A-law if you are elsewhere)…

Good luck and have a nice day!


that fixed it, thanks. I now only have uLaw and g729 enabled and it’s working.


Thank you Lorne! :wink:

Your problem might be related to this:

Recent Asterisk versions are supposed to contain a workaround though…

Unless you have the paid licenses for it you might want to disable g729 as well…

You might want to check if there’s a firmware update for your phone that fixes the problem as G.722 sounds better than ulaw and so it would be nice if you cold let it on…

Good luck and have a nice day!