Voice Biometrics / verification in asterisk

Hi Guys,

Would like to know if is it possible to add voice biometrics features in asterisk for the authentication purpose.

i have found some API for voice biometrics such as VoicePIN.com, voicevault and many others, but not sure it will work or not.

Any Suggestions?

Asterisk is flexible, so with the right tool I do not see why you couldn’t. There are plenty of examples of people doing this with TTS and ASR.

To not directly answer your question :slight_smile: I haven’t read anything on anyone doing specifically what you are asking for, but it might be worth it to ask the vendor if they are aware of an Asterisk use-case involving their product? It seems like there is a free trial and paid support. I would imagine they would be one of your best points of reference to determine if what you are looking for is feasible.


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