VM BLF hints not generating

I’ve turned on the “Create Voicemail Hints” feature, and applied settings, but when I run core show hints there’s nothing new. I also tried adding a BLF key to one phone of *98401 and it’s not picking up on the VM in the box. Is there something I’m overlooking to turn on VM BLF hints?

In FreePBX 13, hints are dynamic, i.e. they are only created if there is a subscriber. Add a BLF button for a VM box and you should see the hint.

Just tried this, added *98401 as a BLF button on a few phones, pressed the button on one phone, and then refreshed the list of hints again, but it’s not showing anything new :confused:

Are you using FreePBX Distro? As this feature is a patch in Asterisk and something we include in FreePBX Distro

I am not - running 13.0.167 on CentOS 7

That won’t work. It has to be on our distro.

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