Virtual extension "Lenny" not being recorded

I have created a virtual extension for Lenny, the telemarketer annoyer script. Under the “Advanced” tab I have internal and external call recording set to “Yes” and all others at default.
Under CDR reports, it shows the calls are recorded, but when I go to play them, nothing is played.
After SSHing in, these files are 1 KB in size (30 second call) wav files… Likely why “nothing” is played. It is likely playing it, but the file contains a quarter second of nothing.
Any ideas?

Really? No advice on how to record a custom destination?
Maybe I should add some additional information.
Lenny is sey up as a custom destination.
Not knowing how to set Lenny directly to an extension, I set up the extension as a virtual extension, and set up the optional destinations all to the custom destination lenny. So when its not answered, it goes to Lenny. I am open to other options.

Applications>Call Recording
Make a new entry, force recording and then set the destination to Lenny
Set the call recording entry to any inbound routes you wish

If that doesn’t work, check the Call Record Option in advanced settings …


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Not quite sure what “Set the call recording entry to any inbound routes you wish” means but I did set a call recording and destination to lenny, and set it up as in previous, with custom destinations gong to call recording, and now I have dead air when transferring to it.

Scratch that previous… I had it set up wrong The transfer was set to go back to the extention, and endless loop…
That being said… Still no recording after its transferring to the right place.

I do not seem to have those options under the extention:

Its not under extensions. Settings>Advance Settings

Thank you. The calls seem to be recorded as a whole now, including the conversations with lenny once I changed that call record option.


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