View transcoding from ssh session

We attempt to minimize transcoding (or eliminate it completely). A few PBXes seem a “bit more taxed” than others of similar workload. I am concerned that transcoding could be an issue.

How, on a PBX using PJSIP, FreePBX v15, and Asterisk 16, can I view if any transcoding is currently occurring? I thought there was a command that allowed viewing of transcoding occurring in realtime (ChanSIP days if I remember right).

core show channel PJSIP/xxxxxxxxx-xxx

Thanks for that info. Is there a command that will show all channels, without having to name each individually? They have 30+ calls at anytime and would like to “see all calls at command issuance” to understand if any are transcoding.

core show channels verbose

Did that on a call I was certain was transcoded (Sangoma Connect over LTE using g729 into PBX that is only G722). No info on transcoding.

hvs01-west*CLI> pjsip show channelstats

BridgeId ChannelId ........ UpTime.. Codec.   Count    Lost Pct  Jitter   Count    Lost Pct  Jitter RTT....

 20342e1b 12105-000ea2e5     00:02:20 ulaw     6990       1    0   0.000   6986       0    0   0.001   0.118
 20342e1b 12150-000ea2e6     00:02:20 ulaw     4763       0    0   0.000   4763       0    0   0.001   0.123
 af3908de 50505-000ea2df     00:03:16 ulaw     4690       0    0   0.000   8994    4305   47   0.001   0.185
 af3908de hotelfone-pstn-000 00:03:16 ulaw     8994       0    0   0.000   8986       0    0   0.000   0.000

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When I issue the command “pjsip show channelstats” it says “No objects found”

Are there active channels?

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Thank you - that did it!!

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