Videos via text message

How do you watch a video that you get via text message?

(Using UCP and SipStation)

I can’t even imaging a world where you’d get any satisfactory video going over SMS.

A lot depends on what you’re really trying to do, but the question as posed causes more questions than it answers. Please elaborate.

I have videos that were sent to our company via SMS (SipStation).

I get a link in the UCP that does not do anything.

This is the part that’s confusing me. The videos are almost certainly not being sent in SMS. The links to the videos might be (which is a common feature), but the videos themselves are almost certainly not.

Having said that, the implication then is that you are getting a Link to a video and are trying to open it in UCP. The fact that it’s coming through SipStation isn’t part of the issue - you should have the same problem with virtually any link sent via SMS. What is failing when you click on the link? We need more specificity: “does not do anything” isn’t really indicative and doesn’t help us understand what the problem is.

Since I’ve guessed about stuff like this before, let me try to guess again. I’m going to guess that the link is getting stripped out and all you are seeing is the actual URI for the link instead of a live clickable link.

Messaging is evolving

(Unfortunately it is evolving in many divergent directions :slight_smile: )

  1. The videos WERE send via text message (MMS). The same way pictures are being send to us all the time.

  2. UCP offers a link (the same way it does for pictures).
    http://(IP of my PBX)/index.php?quietmode=1&module=sms&command=media&name=20190524_2027501-m-bdfzmiozuhkdhmaarmm7iqy.3gp
    A player window opens, but nothing happens.

You would have to check with the carrier, MMS is not encapsulated in SMS service so they would have to actually support it.

With the help of SipStation Support (amazing people) we found that some files play, some do not.

It has nothing to do with the carrier. It seams to be how the phone sends the message.

When it is send .mp4, it works. My IPhone and some other Android send .3gp (or .3gpp) files. Chome opens a player window, but does not play anything.

If you save the file to the computer, you can play it.

No aware of any workaround with Chrome. In Edge I can force the download of the file.

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