Video call does not have video

I am trying to get a door phone to ring to a phone and play video. It works fine via direct IP, but will not work when going through my pbx.

I have video support enabled in the asterisk settings module, as well as h264 explicitly allowed as a codec for each extension.

Trying to dial from the door phone to an extension yields:

Does anyone have any idea of what could help here?


Make h264 the only codec and test again. You may be settling for ulaw without realizing it.

I haven’t been able to get video working for almost a year with FreePBX 13 Asterisk 13.

All of my softphones (about 5 different vendors) currently do not work. Nothing has changed in my settings since then - just the asterisk 13 sub-version.

Video calling was working on all our version 13 systems, now video and call history/CDR isn’t working after upgrading to 14.

Video calling is also not working on clean installs of version 14, however, call history/CDR is working on in version 14 on clean version 14 installs (not upgraded from an older version).


Russell got it working by doing this:

As for your video problem @russman you might want to post some logs… Maybe someone will be able able to help you…

I doubt I will since I never even attempted that but hopefully someone will…

Good luck and have a nice day!


Does anyone have video working with the latest updates (as of today) with FreePBX and asterisk 13 or 14? If so, could you list extension, asterisk sip, and softphone settings?