Very simply (i hope) - hardware reqs. for an SMB install

Hi there,

my boss is concerned that FreePBX isn’t up to the task (or at least our install of it) of dealing with the company especially as we’ve grown quite rapidly in the last year (8-40 people).

I’m convinced it is and can continue to be, so could you provide some help please?

What would be the recommended system spec for a FreePBX install in terms of hardware, to support up to 100 people, 4xSIP trunks, 5 conference calls. VM’s would be about 30 and call recording would be on about 50-60 extensions (eventually)

Currently we have it on quite a small unit as follows:
Intel Atom 1.8Ghz, 4GB RAM, 1x1Gb NIC, 500GB HDD

The CPU and memory bars are showing only 2% and 17% respectively so I’m sure we’re well under pushing the server at the moment???

Many thanks for your help

The FreePBX Xtreme Appliance would be a good fit for you, the specs are on this page:

thanks for the link… i’m guessing that judging by the two machines and specs (and that i dont need space for the PSTN cards) the spec i currently have is ample for our requirements. I’d love he hardware though… but think budget for that one will have to wait a little while.

Thanks for the confirmation though. Helps me a little should i need to have the chat with the boss.

40 phones is a small system. Asterisk is used by hospitals, universities.

We have one school district with over 700 phones on one server service 8 schools.

that’s what i thought. thanks for the examples though as it gives me more to use when discussing it.

Much appreciated.