If you could help with the H/W specs

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Hi SkyingOH,

I have a similar requirement as your setup with 700 phones and have been browsing the community for the H/W req for the system. Could you please let me know the h/w specs used in that system or your knowledge on it ?

For a 900 user system, i am planning to mostly double all the H/W specs given in the Appliance model for 500users.

Sangoma PBXact 500-A Appliance
In this configuration this system will support up to 500 user extensions. This system comes with the PBXact software installed and 500 user licenses included.

This is for 500 user appliance as per : https://www.freepbx.org/store/freepbx-appliances/

1U Server
2 PCI Express Slot
2 Onboard GB Network Ports
Dual 320GB SATA drives with raid
Quad Core i5 Processors
16 GB of Memory
4 Post Rack Mount Rail Kit

Thanks in advance !