Version 13 losing activation/deployment after power cycle

PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-32
PBX Service Pack:
when powered off and the back on, drops activation and deployment.

This is because your network card is changing

sorry, not following, network card same when powered off as when powered on?

i swapped out nic and re registered, held registration for 2 reboots, then dropped again.
any ideas?

do an

ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr

reboot probably cold boot but you can try both ways…

ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr

repeat this a few times

note the value(s) returned and see if they change

Thanks for the reply, the addresses stay the same after 6 trys over 30 min
This box has 2 nic cards, can the connection be flipping? Anyway to lock the one used for WAN