Vega Management Module - 504

Hey. Excited to start using the Vega Management module to start managing my Vega gateway.

When I go to add a new Vega, I enter the IP, user name and password, and I get get “Timeout establishing a connection.” The vega module log says: - 08/03/2018 20:12:25 - vega_exe_cli_cmd: vega(, optype(get), cmd(:),
 resp(http:504,body:{"status": 504, "message": "Timeout establishing a connection with the Vega shell"})

I can ssh from the PBX to the vega using these exact credentials and connection details. However, I notice that I need to accept the Vega’s certificate the first time I connect.

Vega firmware is: VEGA_R100S049

Could that be why I’m getting a timeout? Not sure how to get this provisioned.

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I’m getting the exact same thing. - 03/06/2018 16:17:46 - vega_exe_cli_cmd: vega(, optype(get), cmd(:),
resp(http:504,body:{“status”: 504, “message”: “Timeout establishing a connection with the Vega shell”})

I have a Vega 50. I did the update to the latest firmware with no change.

I am trying to connect from PBXact after doing the latest updates to get the Vega module.

Module doesn’t support the 50. See this page for supported models:

Ah. That’s a pain. I should have read that, but when I talked to my rep and said my Vega seemed incapable of talking to PBXact, he mentioned the Vega Module was available to make that easier. It’s only a year old but I guess I bought it right as it was ending its life then.

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