V15 upgrade status

Not having much luck researching the status and guide for version 15 upgrade from 14.
Last posts on condition of the new version seem to be Nov 19.

Hi @JessicaRabbit

Please follow the wiki steps mentioned in https://wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=163840098 and you can upgrade your FreePBX 14 system to FreePBX 15

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" PBXAct 15 has not been officially released" and “Try out FreePBX 15” do not provide much confidence in the state of the new version.

What is the current state of 15?

PBXAct’s release schedule has nothing to do with the status of FreePBX.

FreePBX 15 has been released for months and is perfectly stable.

If you don’t like the wiki, sign up for an account, test the process described and then update the wiki yourself.

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Huh? Not referring to PBXAct. Was searching for upgrade info and, as I said, was having trouble finding it using WIKI or Google. Wanted to understand where 15 currently stands for non-edge production use. It has been released for awhile, and that is good, a subsequent assessment would be reassuring. Is there one?

We have a clean-install of 15 in production running non-Edge modules.

I have not seen a report of a 14 to 15 backup and restore upgrade working without Edge modules. Not saying that hasn’t happened, just that I’ve not seen a post or report.

We have a lot of v14 installs that we’d like to get upgraded ourselves, and we’re holding off a while longer.

Good info to consider, Thanks

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