Using "User name" and "Authentication name" for SIP REGISTRATION

When registering a sip enpoint to Freepbx, the extension # is used for both the username and authentication name in the device config. Being new to Freepbx, I must ask is their a way to configure the PBX to accept a separate entry for the authentication name? The need is simply to add added layer of security to the system and is a generic feature in many well know PBXs out there.


the username (typically the extension number) and the SIP secret are used to register a phone on freepbx. in other words an endpoint will not register until both items (user id and sip secret) are correct. some things you can do to help secure your extensions is to add the ip address (extension settings ALLOW) that the phone registers from to the extension setting. this will help ensure that no other end point with that mac address will be allowed to register with freepbx. we rarely use sip registration for our trunks, we prefer ip authentication as well if the ITSP offers it
also be sure to use the freepbx firewall and fail2ban (admin-System Admin->intrusion detection).

Not currently possible, but is a feature that has been requested already:

Glad that it’s at least being discussed. Thanks for the comments.

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