Using Remote FreePBX PSTN Trunk


Is there any way to call to my remote site’s PSTN Trunk?

PJSip Phone -> FreePBX (Local Site) -> FreePBX (Remote Site) -> PSTN Trunk

The idea of this is to save on the Toll fee if I call from my local site.
I already have a PJSIP Trunk that is connected to Remote site and user from both sites currently can call each other without any issue.

Are the following steps correct to implement this?

  1. Create an Outbound rule on the local site to route to the PJSip trunk
  2. Create an Inbound rule on the remote site to route to the Remote FreePBX’s PSTN Trunk

Appreciate if somebody can give me some pointers. Thank you.

There are many recipes for an intermediary “tie-line” trunk between two FreePBI but you probably need to use the [from-internal] context. Then its just routing on either end . . .

I like to use IAX2 trunks for this.

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Indeed :wink: the I in IAX is for ‘Inter’ the A is for ‘Asterisk’ and the X for ‘exchange’ for completeness add the 2 which is for "second version’ =

IAX2 ( it just works, traverses firewalls easily on both ends and conserves bandwidth when you have multiple concurrent calls (with whatever codec) and you add trunk=yes to the definition )

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