Using AsteriskNow as a call center solution

Hello guys,
i am planning on using AsteriskNow as a call center solution (with queuemetrics). The call center will be use by client in 8 difference countries. if client in other countries call from a PSTN line i want the call to be routed to the call center. Can anyone help explain how i can accomplish that.By the wayI have successful installed Queuemetrics on my AsteriskNow server. Thanks

If your clients are calling “from” a PSTN line, what number are they calling “to” ? If the number they are calling arrives on your server, there is no problem.

Well they will be calling number in a different country. 8 countries but just one call center.

Then what is the problem , have you read the wiki yet ?

I cannot seem to find a wiki on call center configuration

FreePBX does not have a CallCenter, you are using Queuemetrics for that, and that would be where you should be asking these questions.

Yes i understand that but i can use queuemetrics with AsteriskNow to create a call center right .Thats what i am doing

Yews you can, but the “how-tos” need to be asked at QueueMetrics, we are FreePBX here, they are the providers and supporters of the software you bought.

Thanks for your help dicko…

If you don’t know what you are doing yet and you are just starting, then you should probably start off with the FreePBX distribution, it will generally work but some other distro’s take quite some tweaking before the are “co-ordinated” with FreePBX, their distro support otherwise should be able to help you if you choose that route, again we are FreePBX not Qmetrics nor AsteriskNow.

What you want to do is not clear. Do you want incoming calls to be routed to different queues depending on which country they’re calling from?
If that’s the case, then you can set up routing depending on what the calling number is.

or is the question how do you get calls routed to the FreePBX computer, generally?
If that’s the case, then you’re probably looking for a VOIP service provider who can give you phone numbers (DIDs) in the countries that you’re wishing to service. (I’m presuming that you want at least one phone number for each of the 8 countries you’re serving).
That will depend on which countries you’re serving. There are a few countries that still don’t allow VOIP providers to provide local numbers. or only allow it for specific VOIP poviders.