Users dial 9 to get out but when trying to Redial from History it won't allow them to dial out because there is not a 9

I have a FreePBX system where they use 9 to dial out but when they try to redial using the history feature on the Sangoma S705 it won’t allow them because there is not a 9. Is there a dial plan we can use for the phones to add the dial when the try to dial out from the History feature?

There shouldn’t be any reason to force dialing prefixes, but if you must:

Yes - don’t specify the ‘9’ and don’t require it for an outside line. With FreePBX, there is no need to specify a digit for getting an outside line. The system is smart enough to get the calls where they need to go when correctly configured.

Also due to a new law in place, not sure if its a state one or federal, you MUST make sure you can dial 911 without needing to dial anything before hand.

Yup. It was discussed here long ago.


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