‘Kari’s Law’ requiring direct 911 access to be signed by President Trump


Hopefully, this will stop people from trying to use “9” for an “outside” line now. I know everyone loves the bus-bar phone systems, but there’s no reason for this anachronism any longer. This case alone is justification for not doing that anymore.

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Co-incidentally, our emergency number is 000, and people here use ‘0’ for an outside line.

The one thing missing in FPBX in relation to this (especially with PJSip handling multiple extension ranges) is that it needs an IP Network Map, and the emergency number is no longer derived from the dialing extension, but the dialing IP.

Part of the law also had an on-site notification provision, which I think is actually part of Paging Pro - may need to look into whether that element should be extracted into it’s own e911 module…

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I’m shocked that direct access to 911 is something that we need to make a law for. Also, can’t believe that we are still dialing a number to get outside.

We have direct access to 911 over SIP trunks as well as redundant POTS lines, something about schools with students in them that need 911 no matter what the circumstance.

Been there done that. I find that sometimes the hardest part of migration is to convince the new client that their users will get used very fast to just dial, and not have to press a key to open a line…
Also some users are still stuck that if your extension range is 1xx then your PBX can’t have option 1 on a IVR.

Another fun fact, very small businesses with just 1-3 phones don’t get the concept of extensions.
“What do you mean that this phone needs an extension number? If someone calls and dials 2 for sales it should ring to Jesse. Why do we need an Extension?”

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