Use dahdi trunk of remote server


I have two freepbx servers.
Server A and server B.
Both are inside the same lan
No nat involved.

Server A ip
extensions 101-150

Server B ip
extensions 201-250

Freepbx and asterisk version 14.

Already connected via sip trunk for internal calling between the two servers.

Both servers have dahdi trunks. No sip trunk for calling outside world.

What i want to achive is, how do i use dahdi trunk of server A to call outside world, from extension of server B. for example extenion 201 dials my mobile number and the call is dialed via dahdi trunk of server A.


You just need to create an appropriate outbound route on server B that redirects your calls to server A

Can you be more specific. What trunk to use from system b ?

You just need to create an appropriate outbound route to direct the calls to server B, just like you did with internal calls (I assume). If you want to force specific outbound calls through server B from server A, you can use a prefix.

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