URL forward


I want to forward my entry calls to an URL instead an extension when I’m out of office. I could know the ip of the phone but I can’t change the phone config to add to my PBX.

In other words, when I received a call in my extension I want to forward this call to ip if I don’t answer.

In my phone desk if I dial 1921681*101 I call directly to the other phone without passing through freepbx.

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Create a new extension of type ‘custom’ with a dial string like:

sip/[email protected]_address

then forward calls to this extension.

If you don’t like that suggestion, there are lots of other ways to do this that are all a lot harder. You can also explore the misc extensions/custom * options on the system to make a convoluted path that you will eventually forgot how you did it and end up stripping it out to do this.

Not that that’s ever happened, but I could see how it could. I personally would never make such a mistake. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it… :wink: