[Urgent] Freepbx just stopped working

Hi all,

We just installed freepbx with a 4 port analog card which is connected on LAN to SIP phones. All this is not connected to public network. We tried some test calls on analog lines and on the 2nd line, the bell rang and rang and rang, and after that everything stopped working. By everything, I mean the Freepbx UI is not coming and takes us to the IIS server page. Our .NET application is also not able to connect to server and when we try to telnet sever, it says Connection Refused.

This is very alarming as we just connected and made calls on one channel and it all stopped working. What can be the cause of this and how can we restore all this? We are badly stuck.

FreePBX doesn’t use IIS. If you are getting IIS that means you have conflicting IPs with FreePBX and a IIS server.


Everything is on a local network switch. i.e. Freepbx server has ip and my laptop has ip That kills this possibility you have mentioned. Btw, what is a KISS server? Also, as I mentioned, after 2nd call on analog channel, the bell kept ringing even we rejected the call. And then everything stopped working.

Sorry was typing on phone. IIS. Again we don’t use IIS as it’s Linux not Windows so you have something wrong with your network if you are getting a IIS screen.

Can you tell me if I have to comment the Gateway in /etc/Sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 if we don’t have any such thing as a Gateway system? It’s a totally offline environment where this Freepbx server is everything.

Again you keep ignoring the IIS thing. Something else is using your IP if you got a IIS screen. Hence why you can’t reach the PBX.


Thanks @tonyclewis,

Rechecked each and everything and none of other devices on this local network other than this Freepbx server and my laptop which has ip Not sure what else was conflicting with it? Done a physical power off to the network switch and now everything seems good.

Maybe your .net application system? But FreePBX would never have IIS screen. We dont run it.

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The .NET application is running on my laptop actually.

Not sure what to tell you but 100% something on that network was conflicting with your PBX IP. No way around it if you saw a IIS screen.

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correct me if i am wrong.
1001 voip, called analog 123456 (system crashed).
this was the first test call attempted which lead to system misbehaviour.



Its reverse. First call came in on analog channel fine. Then on 2nd incoming call from analog channel to Voip 1001 rang the bell for long even though we had rejected it from soft phone and then this all happened.

can you share some details.
current status of pbx : up/down
if up can you share outbound rule config for both channels ( outbound rule used by first and second call )
if its not possible to share.
please compare both outbound rule configuration settings , to find anything that is not similar .

Has this happened again? Seems you are on wild goose chase. The PBX has not faulted or failed. Something on your network took over the PBX IP address and why your phone stopped working and why you could not get access to the PBX. You were clear a IIS web page came up when trying to go to the PBX which means you hit a Windows computer which took your PBX IP. Stop chasing something that did not fail.


We have already stopped chasing it as everything is working fine now. May be you are right that something came on the same network that got the same IP and this all caused the problem.


There are no outbound paths configured. I am closing this issue as this never happened again.