Upgrading from Asterisk11/OSSendpointmanager to current/EPM

I am upgrading/migrating to a new server, and need advice before I start… (please and thank you!)

I have 85 extensions on my server, Freepbx/Asterisk 11, using OSS endpoint manager. I will be buying EPM for my new server and will use the latest version of FreePBX which I downloaded today. My handsets are all Cisco 525G phones.

My question is - should I run the conversion tool from my old server to the new one and then buy EPM and see what it takes to get my SPA525 phones working again? or should I buy/install EPM and set up my system first and then just run the conversion tool? or just manually set up from scratch and export/import extensions?

Other notes - I am changing my SIP trunk provider as well - so besides extensions, the things I would HOPE to import would be my IVR/Time conditions etc and my system recordings and ideally EVERYONE’S voice/name/busy message.

I guess I’m concerned about “debris” from OSS dorking with extensions and EPM settings specifically

The good thing is that since this is a new server and new SIP provider it’s low risk - as the old system can continue until I get it working right… but I’m hoping to only have to buy EPM once lol.

Given the age, I would start from scratch. It is a good way to clear crud (old and unneeded applications, objects, etc.). Not sure how complex your treatments are and how many features you would need to rebuild, but I feel like since you’re in this space right now, do it once, do it right and you will have less to worry about ongoing.

Only opinion, not fact, or the only way to do it.


I’d migrate using the conversion tool, but you should know there are quite a few stuff that are not being copied over with that tool. See How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide to easily copy the missing data.

Re: Endpoint Manager, luckily, you can import a CSV to extension mapping (talking about the commercial EPM) which will speed up the process.


Comtech - That’s my thought as well - Especially since don’t have a complicated setup anyway - but it will still take a while to get it all entered and built from scratch vs import

PitzKey - extremely helpful - I was wondering about the converstion tool and what didn’t convert etc.
Your tip will help no matter how I upgrade.

Thank you for responding… It helps!

The conversion tool doesn’t do anything that a normal restore does doesn’t do in 15. The conversion tool will work to migrate settings to 15, but it’s intended use is for prior versions where legacy import was not supported.

Your OSS EPM settings will not be transferred in either case.

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Bulk handler can eliminate a lot of the repetition (extensions, routes, etc.). You can also export and import your dial patterns. For some of the other stuff you can just open both systems and copy/paste.


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WOW All you are THE BEST! Thank you for your helpful responses.

I almost just tried it on Friday, but ran out of time, and now I’m glad I waited…

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