Upgrading FreePBX to 6.12.65

Last week I went through the process of upgrading a FreePBX server from 5.211.65-14 (which is the current version we are running on all of our servers) to the latest 6.12.65-13. The process went pretty smoothly which I will out line below. But after all said and done I wanted to enable the SIP Channel Driver for PJSIP in Advanced settings. To come to find out I can’t apply and changes in Advanced settings. Not sure why yet any advise would be great.

Here is the procedure I went through.
Upgrading FreePBX to 6.12.65-13

  1. VOIP server needs to be running at least version 5.211.65-17.
  2. Make sure all modules are current.
  3. Run the 5.211.65-to-6.12.65-13.sh script
  4. Reboot server when it is finished
  5. Login to the GUI and Apply Config.
  6. The FreePBX ARI Framework module will be broken. Go to the Module Admin tool and disable the “FreePBX Upgrader”. Process and Apply Config.
  7. Scroll down to “Broken” and uninstall the “FreePBX ARI Framework” module and process and Apply Config.
  8. Click the “Check Online” button and install the “FreePBX ARI Framework” module. Process and Apply Config.
  9. Re-enable the FreePBX Upgrader module. Process and Apply Config.
    Now it is time to upgrade to FreePBX 12.
  10. Select the “2.11 To 12 Upgrade Tool” from the Admin menu.
  11. Click the Upgrade Now button.
  12. Go to the Module Admin tool by clicking on the link in #1. Upgrade the FreePBX Framework module. “DO NOT CLICK THE APPLY CONFIG BUTTON”
  13. Click the “Check Online” button and upgrade the SysAdmin Tool
  14. Click the “Check Online” button and upgrade the Core
  15. Keep repeating the process 3 times until all modules have been updated.
  16. Enable the “FreePBX ARI Framework” module and check online again for module updates.
  17. Check online again and install the “Certificate Manager” and enable the “User Managment” module. Process…
  18. Check online again and update the “User Management” and SipStation modules.
  19. Check online again and install the “User Control Panel” module.
  20. Check online one last time and install the WebRTC Phone module.
  21. Click “Apply Config”
  22. Go back to the CLI and run:
    a. amportal chown
    b. amportal a ma refreshsignatures
    c. amportal a reload
  23. Last step is to switch asterisk from version 11 to 12.
    a. From the CLI run Asterisk-version-switch and select #3.

Did you go into Advanced Settings, and make sure you enabled both SIP and PJSIP? If your updating from 11. as I did, the default is to only enable SIP, so you have to go in and tell it to also use PJSIP if desired…

Oops, just noticed you said you can’t apply any changes, that may be a good Schmooze question, as I have updated multiple systems to FPBX 12, and have no problem making changes under Advanced. You might start by jumping back to Asterisk 11 you were on, and making sure you can save changes before trying to move forward to the 12/13 versions…

Only after you’ve completely upgraded to 12, and switched to Asterisk 13 (yeah, don’t use 12, unless you have more than 300 or so SIP extensions at a site, and if you do, wait for 13.1, due out real-soon-now), will you be able to change the SIP Channel Driver to ‘both’ in Advanced Settings.

We do lots of double checking on that, as it’s surprisingly easy to break your system if you have PJSIP enabled and your Asterisk version doesn’t support it.


Hey Rob, and I don’t want to hijack this guys thread, but since you mentioned it above I have to ask. You state if you have 300 or more extensions, and I have an install like that on FPBX11/Asterisk11 and they wanted me to update them to the new FPBX. Should I not do this yet, and if it’s OK, what asterisk version? Your above post worried me, so wanted to follow up… Feel free to split this out to it’s own thread if desired…


Basically, you should be using Asterisk 13 for everything, UNLESS you have more than 300-ish SIP devices. In which case, use Asterisk 11 or 12 (if you want to use PJSip).


That’s scheduled for Asterisk 13.1, which is going to be the bees knees. Or other random organ.