Upgraded FreePbx but still shows old version

We have a 32bit Freepbx version 6.12.65-32 install and I was wanting to upgrade it to 64bit Freepbx version 13. I installed a 64bit version of 6.12.65-32 and did a backup and restore. I then upgraded to version 13 from the GUI clicking on the Admin tab and selection upgrade from 12-13. It performed the upgrade and when you login to the web interface on the dashboard it shows under system overview FreePBX but when you go to system admin it shows that it is still 6.12.65-32. If I ssh into the server and run cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version, it also shows 6.12.65-32. The web interface is different so it did upgrade but why is it still showing to be version 6.12.65-32?

You need to do the distro updates that are in the wiki.

Get the 6.12 to 10.13 conversion script here: