Upgrade to FreePBX 16

I stupidly followed the instruction at this link to install Version Upgrade Module.
It caused an error.
When I login to PBX Admin there is the choice to 'Apply Config". I have not applied config.
Am I right that until I ‘apply config’ system will still run?
Is there a way I can decline to ‘Apply Config’?
I am thinking of at this point NOT upgrading to 16, or if I do, using command line.

You can apply the config. This only installs the module that allows you to upgrade to the new ever version using it. Applying the config will not actually upgrade your system.

Actually no. Entire system crashed during attempt upgrade using the Version Upgrade Module. Blew away entire system. Restoring from full backup, but backup version boots but will not operate.

What do you mean when you say that it will not operate? Are you experiencing any specific error messages?

Just fyi, the backup and restore function built in to this product is quite poor. If there is a better way to restore from backup I would like to know about it. Thanks. — Oh, never use the GUI version upgrade module to go from 15 to 16. Unsure if the command line approach to upgrade will work, but GUI version simply hangs for hours. Not ready for prime time. But, it is free, there’s that.

I prefer doing it in CLI as well. It has yet to fail for me when doing the upgrade in the CLI.

As far as backup and restore, if your system is virtual you could lean on snapshots for some backup functionality.

Thanks. Unfortunately, system is hardware based. Probably a bad choice. All I can think of is to periodically run a DD command and backup entire hard disk image occasionally. Then there would be an image to restore.

We have a lot of physical systems as well. I guess not sure what problems you are running into but we’ve restored several times in the last year from a backup and it’s worked as expected.

We are doing a full all module backup and core files. But, when it came time to restore, items were missing. No idea why. Not corrupt, just missing. | Thinking of implementing ‘warm spare’ feature as we have another hardware machine (vintage 2008, has v16 installed but not activated, installed to RAID1 array) that could serve that function. Any tips on implementing 'warm spare" backup?

I would just follow documentation Warm Spare Setup - PBX GUI - Documentation

However, as luck would have it that’s not quite working right now either for a couple of our production systems either and I have a support case with Sangoma staff going to look into.

Thanks. I have an idea for a more unusual way to restore from backup. But I’ll start a separate post.

Here is what failed (just fyi as I have no interest in troubleshooting at this point) with restore from backup: 1) system uses analog dahdi for inbound/outbound and all settings were lost on restore, and had to be recreated, 2) IVR directory restore failed and had to be recreated, 3) user extension info partly restored, but could not ring extension to extension, and extension settings had to be modified to fix, 4) IVR routines partly restored, but again had to be fixed, 5) emergency outbound route failed to restore. These are the highlights. If this describes a restore from backup success, then the module works as intended.

Just thought I would point anyone seeing this series of posts to below post. Quite possibly my backups were missing key items (even though all modules were backed up). Before following the below link, my backups took up 1/10th the storage space of new backups with added directories. Thanks.

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