Restoring to Dissimilar Hardware

Having been burned by backup module, I would like to restore to dissimilar hardware and just keep a cold backup machine that can be pressed into service as needed. I can change the IP address of cold backup to main unit if it fails.
There are two posts about this but zero responses.
Since hardware is different I do not want to restore trunks or connectivity. Just the modules that handle IVR and routing and the like, I think I only need to restore: announcements, blacklist, call recording, call waiting, conferences, custom applications, call flow control, directory, extension routs, IVR, music on hold, phonebook, recordings, ring groups, voicemail.
Anyone tried this approach? If so, did it work?

I use all freePBX systems in Virtualbox for that purpose. I can easily backup and restore VM images. One thing is important though…you have to export the machine with non-standard settings, otherwise you would have to activate freePBX again. My virtualbox-server OS has been Linux Mint for many years…very, very stable…

I’ve restored before multiple times without issue to dissimilar hardware and it worked just fine.

I know we touched upon it in the other thread but I don’t expect warm spare to be broken for long. Over the weekend I got word that the core module will address the issues once it’s released that I (and others) have run into with the warm spare module.

I would look into getting the warm spare functionality working.

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Thanks. Silly question: how do you backup/export with non-standard settings?

You have to include the mac address of ALL network adapters…otherwise freePBX realizes that it’s a different PC…

Did you have a post about this on the forum? It’s probably best to discuss this and figure out what failed. Backup/restore is very reliable and almost certainly the best way to do what you want.

The questions started here Upgrade to FreePBX 16 but the OP never explicitly stated what errors he encountered after restoring from backup.

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