Upgrade to FreePBX 13

I just upgraded to Freepbx 13 and now Asterisk doesn’t start. I get this message:

filetype(): Lstat failed for /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/1012/tmp/r7MI5K.wav

What should I do? The phone system is down!


I should say that the problem was oversized files in the voicemail tmp directory. I just moved them elsewhere and asterisk started.


Maybe coincidence but just in case you are getting pounded by political calls day and night like we are, the recordings are in the neighborhood of 60-75 minutes and I have removed about 110 of them, I eventually got smart and lowered the setting in “Advanced Settings” to limit voicemail to 280 seconds… just a thought since you mentioned the over-sized files, it seems unlikely to me that a normal voicemail would ever go longer than the 280 but you could always adjust it to whatever fits your environment.

The calls come from 80+ numbers so don’t bother trying to block them

At the time of those recordings I had not set the maximum message time. We were also having the problem of not detecting the analog line hang-ups. Now I have set the maximum, but it seems that the hangup problem is not happening either. Usually happens when I’m not around!