Upgrade to 16 from 15 nightmare deprecated delete showing from rediscache.php line 135

Anyone know how to fix the issue of the deprecated delete from the rediscache.php file? I have built and maintained this system for the last 5 years and never had an issue with this until now. I know theres a solution out there and it says to do this: FreePBX
admin/libraries/Composer/vendor/doctrine/cache/lib/Doctrine/Common/Cache/RedisCache.php throws an error and seems to have problems with a deprecated instruction (delete vs del)
line 135/181 ‘return $this->redis->delete($id) >= 0;’ change to ‘return $this->redis->del($id) >= 0;’ solves the issue, but then reports a tampered file

But how?

I know I’m reaching and probably the you shouldn’t be inchrage of this comes to mind, however, im just a guy doing a job.
Thanks in advance.

What module is this related to?

I don’t know if its related to any one module. It pops that message when I do to do just about anything.

What version are you on now? 16 or 15?

It is same issue with v15 or v16. Offender is the deprecated ‘delete’ vs ‘del’ in RedisCache.php (line 135).

This post may help you.

A bug in framework would be noticed by everyone. This issue must only affect certain kinds of installs. What OS, PHP versions are you running?

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