UPGRADE from (too) OLD ver to ver 14. How is that possible?

Dear Freepbxers hello!!!
I am an I.T. admin looking to upgrade our enterprise freepbx which says ver to ver 14.

I am experienced with setting up freepbx and moving them from a vm to another vm. I have done so several tines.

My question though is how to upgrade that old system to a newer version ? shall i start to go up each version by setting up a new machine with the for each stage ? eg upgrade to 2, then ton 3 then to 4,5,6 etc ?

Until i find a compatible upgrade version sequence ? or can it be done using the upgrade conversion tool ? what are your ideas and recommendations ?

Thanks in advance for your time.

You have two viable options:

  1. Use this conversion tool to migrate your settings from your old system to a new 14 install: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PPS/Elastix+and+PBXinaFlash+to+FreePBX+Distro+Conversion+Tool
    Which will get you most of the way there, but some manual clean up is necessary, see this thread: How to: Upgrade FreePBX13 to FreePBX14 on Hyper V - Guide

  2. Do a backup of your old system, and restore it directly on a new 15 install. FreePBX 15 is the first version that permits restore directly from legacy backup tarballs.

thanks @lgaetz i will go with number 2 as we speak an come back to you. quick question. if i want to backup everything from old server, do i drag and drop every template at the same backup profile,?
drag & drop full backup, config, system audio … etc all at the same backup profile ? s

??? what do you think ?

Please wait longer than an hour before poking people. Lorne will respond when he is able to.

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I don’t have such an old system to confirm, but I believe that Full Backup, System Audio and Voicemail gives you everything.

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please look at the errors after restore

Haven’t seen that yet, do you get any output from:

 fwconsole setting --list | grep AMPWEBROOT

edit - it’s possible that fwconsole setting --list is erroring out as well. I am thinking that the system you restored from had a different webroot than the default.

reply i did hit the command but nothing happened. and i cant use the freepbx gui. only cli mode

any thoughts (other than the instructions for poking people) ?

I don’t work on FreePBX so I have no input on that.

Can you determine the webroot param on the old system? It will be in Advanced Settings.

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Try from a shell:-

fwconsole set AMPWEBROOT /var/www/html

@dicko exactly the same output as before. nothing…

Post the issue of :-

grep -i web /etc/amportal.conf


ls -l /var/www/

Your ampwebroot parameter is set to a non-default value, an edge case not anticipated by the 15 backup module. Open a ticket on this pls, issue link at top of page.

I am about 90% sure this value is stored somewhere in mysql, but I don’t know where. I will look for it later when I have time.


You are better off doing as @lgaetz just suggested, and file a bug.

update asterisk.freepbx_settings SET `value`="" where `keyword` LIKE "AMPWEBROOT";