Updated FreePBX install instructions for Chan-SCCP-B

(Dave Burgess) #1

I just updated the Chan-SCCP-B Wiki page for FreePBX. It is here - FreePBX Chan-SCCP-B Driver

I updated it to clarify a couple of steps and to add some new insights - specifically:

  • Chan-SCCP-B used to require a full copy of the Asterisk source. The asterisk-devel package is now enough to compile and install the channel driver.
  • Added a reference to the “Admin -> Asterisk Module” page so that you don’t have to manually manipulate the system configuration file.
  • Added some instructions on a possible set of changes to the /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf file. Specifically, the “=>” entries need to have spaces around them for the Chan-SCCP-B configure program to successfully parse them. You may also need to add a reference for “astsbindir” into the file to point the channel driver to the /usr/sbin/asterisk program.

I also clarified the limits on the “FreePBX Manager” package I created a couple of years ago. It’s now not recommended for installations after FreePBX Version 11 (since 12 introduced the BMO stuff). You can try to install it, but there are some errors in the one in the contrib area on the FreePBX website.

To test the instructions, I installed the latest “trunk” version of the driver with 64-bit Asterisk 13, and restarted Asterisk. Success on the first try.

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(Dave Burgess) #2

I did a new install over the weekend. The git instructions for getting the actual driver remain largely unchanged, but the sccp-manager can now be accessed directly from the Module Admin page. Should make installation a little easier.

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Great news! Thanks for passing that along to everyone.

Matthew Fredrickson

(Dave Burgess) #4

That’s the link for Module Admin

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