Undefined error firewall

Hi everyone, I made the first access to freepbx; after a couple of questions about the firewall to allow traffic with the underlying host, it appears to me to allow traffic with the underlying network that is the home one in short.
I click yes several times and the only thing that appears from top to bottom is the error message you see in the image that is undefined.

What’s the problem?

In my opinion this error came out because the first question when asked: do you want to proceed with the activation? I replied skip. If I had activated the product by paying for the license it would not have happened. The question is simple I am asked first to add my ip address in the trust zone then subsequently I am asked to add the internal network to the trust zone and here it crashes when I simply click yes and it comes out as an error from top to bottom: Undefined .

As a customer I am already dissatisfied even before starting I was advised freepbx to avoid a thorough and rigorous study of asterisk and instead use the simplicity of freepbx.

I simply downloaded the image from the official site and here it cannot be said that I have made mistakes I have not started yet !! The third question stops everything !!!

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