Unable to repark a call

We are able to park a call once, however if it rings back we can no longer park the call. If we pick it up from parking manually (not ring back) then we can re-park 100 times over with no issues.

We have “both” set for Transfer and Re-Park in the Parking lot settings.

PBX Firmware:10.13.66-22
PBX Service Pack:
Parking Lot

Any Ideas??

WTH, I can park and and re-park calls that expire from the parking lot all day long, but I have a customer reporting this as well. I can’t figure it out. What ver of Asterisk are you using?

I know right!!! We just moved over to this system yesterday and so far thats the only bug we see. Ive been banging my head trying to figure it out. I just realized this morning its ONLY when it rings back. It has no issue as long as you pick it up. My work around-ish was to set the parking lot for 9 minutes in hopes we pick up the call before 9 minutes.

Asterisk Version: 11.25.3

The system I have just tested with is using 13, and parking works as expected. Unless you have a very good reason to be on 11, try going to 13 and see if it helps. 11 is EOL anyway.

well the issue is we are with FreePBXHosting.com and they are running 11 until the 11 to 13 tool is fully functional I guess. They don’t recommend doing the upgrade until then.

You can change major Asterisk versions on the fly.
The not yet fully functional upgrade tool that you are referring to is most likely the script to upgrade from your current distro to the new SNG 7, with Freepbx 14, CentOS 7, etc.
But that’s a completely different beast than upgrading an asterisk version only.

I’ve tested this a lot, and eventually found that calls that expire back to origin in Asterisk 11 do not permit the in-call blind transfer feature code. The parking Phone App as well as a button type of “Park” for some phone manufacturers rely on the the ## blind transfer feature code to park a call.

So the solution is to upgrade to Asterisk 13. The work around is to use a BLF button or the phone built in transfer button to re-park calls as these don’t rely on the ## feature code.

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