Unable to register a Biamp DSP

Checking asterisk I’m seeing this message:
[2020-11-25 17:11:40] NOTICE[8979] chan_sip.c: Registration from ‘sip:meetingroomw_[email protected]’ failed for ‘’ - Wrong password

Using the same credentials I’m able to register a Cisco SPA502G just fine.

I’ve done a wireshark trace to get some more information on what could be happening and I’m seeing these messages:
SIP - Status: 401 Unauthorized
SIP - Status: 403 Forbidden
ICMP - Destination unreachable(Port unreachable)

Not sure why the port would be unreachable. I have the DSP using port 5160, which is what my Freepbx server is set to by default for chansip.

Any help is appreciated.

Is this a chan_sip extension or did you create a chan_sip trunk? If it’s an extension, the registration name should be numeric, not meetingroomw_dialer

Yes it is chan_sip extension. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ve changed the registration name to the extension number. Unfortunately I’m still getting that message saying the password is wrong. I’m using the secret thats attached to the extension, I’m not sure why this is happening.

Are you sure you’re using the extension password, not the UCP password or VM password? Maybe your endpoint has some specific requirements for the password, like exactly 8 characters, or no special characters whatsoever, or anything like that.

I feel like I am, its the secret that is auto-generated when you make a new extension. I also used this extension and secret to register a cisco phone without provisioning it.

That password can be extremely long for some devices. You could try with an 8 character password, without special characters, just letters and numbers.

@prattu - This is usually sound advice when running into password problems. Start with a very short, easy password with letters and numbers and see how long and complicated you can get.

There is a setting in Advanced Settings that limits the length of the generated extension password - the default is 32 characters. Some devices choke on 32, some work with 31 but not 32, other work with 8 (Cisco SIP-Loaded 79xx series, for example). Starting with a simple password and increasing the complexity incrementally is a good way to figure out what the maximum should be set to for your installation.

Hey, that was the issue. Turns out these DSPs have a limit of 30 characters.

Thanks for your help!

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