Unable to connect to the UCP Node Server. Error: xhr poll error when https

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(Jeremy Lizzotte) #1

I get this message in red on top right corner when I use HTTPS, but when its only http, I do not get the error message. Any thoughts?

(Dave Burgess) #2


returns 41 versions of this question with about the same number of solutions. I’d suggest a quick review of those and see which of them is pertinent to your specific situation.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #3

I did that. Most of those involve cert issues or previous versions than 15. Neither of which are applicable here, as i have a good LetsEncrypt cert and im running on a updated version of 15 (modules and yum as well)

(Bob Reiber) #4

Did you get this figured out? I fought with this a while back and never got it going.

(Jeremy Lizzotte) #5

I did. I ended up deleting the cert, remaking the cert using LetsEncrypt, removing the self signing cert, and making sure everything was default to the new letsencrpyt ssl