Unable To Backup Important Files On NFS

Hi Everyone,

We have been facing an issue when we are trying to take the backup through backup & restore option available in FreePBX. The backup is happening when taken the backup is taken locally i.e. folder /var/spool/asterisk/ but when we are mounting /var/spool/asterisk/ folder in NFS, it is giving below mentioned errors.

Saving Backup 13…done!
Intializing Backup 13
Backup Lock acquired!
Running pre-backup hooks…
Adding items…
/bin/tar: Removing leading /' from member names /bin/tar: Removing leading/’ from member names
/bin/tar: Removing leading /' from member names Bulding manifest... Creating backup... Storing backup... /bin/cp: cannot create regular file/var/spool/asterisk/’: No such file or directory
Error copying /var/spool/asterisk/tmp/20170718-082818-1500380898-884591137.tgz to /var/spool/asterisk/
Running post-backup hooks…
Backup completed with errors!