Unable to activate fresh FreePBX 15 install -"Activation Error!"

Hello folks,

I’m doing a proof of concept with FreePBX for a local non-profit. I’ve got two relatively fresh installs of v15, both showing roughly identical errors when I attempt to activate.

These are ISO installs using the FreePBX install media downloads.

After filling in the activation form, and a brief pause, I see:

Activation Error!

Unable to display activation page. Error returned was:


Things I’ve attempted so far, based on forum perusing and googling:

  1. Force the DNS server on the FreePBX host to
  2. Fully update all modules (as of 1 hour ago)
  3. Update sysadmin module to --edge version

So far no luck.

Any suggestions on next steps?


Answering my own question, sort of. I was able to work around this by first registering at portal.sangoma.com and then using that same e-mail address in the FreePBX activation workflow. That seems to have taken me down a different path that has worked.


To be honest, I never had this kind of issue because i’ve already an account.
Nice to update all system.

But I will ask to check this out. Maybe there’s something wrong here.


I created an account using [email protected] at tte portal. When I later went to log in using that email address I got an error. So I used the Reset Password function. I got ANOTHER error (code EL-102.) The message box indicated I should contact customer care, but I can’t do that without having a portal account! (Not to mention that the Customer Care page explicitly says they will not respond to technical questions.)

Also, running “fwconsole sa activate [email protected]” on the Linux command line also gives me an error: “The emai address [email protected] does NOT have a portal account.”

Do I have an account at the portal or not?

It looks like the portal account that you created is “[email protected]” not “[email protected]”.

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Indeed it is. I was able to activate my installation using the “[email protected]” email address. Thanks!

It’s ultimately my problem for not ensuring I had entered the correct address. But many web sites these days ask new registrants to enter their email address twice to guard against this. Of course, people could just copy and paste an incorrect email address twice, but whenever I see this on a web page I make it a point to type the email into both input boxes.

As far as I know there is still an issue with the portal failing to set up new accounts when accessed using FreePBX > Admin > System Admin > Activate.

Thanks… I’ve asked our Portal team to investigate.

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