UCP showing Operator for all users

In the User Manager Group tab I am trying to remove the Operator as an option under the UCP tabs. When I submit it just re-adds it. I would only want the operator to be viewed by a few users plus it clutters up the UCP widget choices.


Here is the setting I cannot remove. Operator<0> in this diaglog

Which results in two options in the UCP

I only want to see the Call History for the β€œTest” user not the operator.

What happens when you remove Operator on the user itself (not on the group) is it also being re-added?

β€œ0” extensions are not supported by freepbx. This is one of the many reasons why.


Ok, so I like this train of thought. Researched and do not know why there was a zero extension so I deleted it. Need a zero option on the IVR but I just added it and had it forward to the receptionist extension.

Still getting a blank name as a second option.


Yes the problem is that in the database there is now and forever will be a β€˜0’. When checked against the β€œempty()” function in php β€œ0” returns true. Therefore if you add β€œ0” into a multi select it’s near impossible to remove.

Ugh! Ok anyway to remove it via sql script?

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