UCP not showing voicemails in INBOX

Not a regular UCP user, but went in to UCP today to delete a bunch of voicemails rather than doing it on the phone. First went into the “old” folder and deleted all of the messages there no problem. Now showing zeros for all folders except INBOX which shows 10 messages… click on the inbox and there are no messages shown in the list, only the “no matching records found”.

The phone is seeing the messages are there, I can see them from the CLI… but nothing via UCP. Checked with another user’s mailbox and see the same thing. Back to the original mailbox, listen to one of the voicemails with the phone… count updates to 9 messages in INBOX and 1 in old. Go into the “old” folder and see and delete the message ok. Back to inbox still showing a count of 9 but no messages listed.

Running UCP 13.0.42

Anything that I need to check in my settings… or should I file as a bug?

As I say not a regular UCP user so no idea how long this may have been happening.


Good day

same problem here in UCP , im not sure if was after last upgrade i did, i have s400 phone and it shows “failed to load xml file” when i try retrieve the VM from the hardphone.

thank you for some help