UCP Device Managment

I have an odd thing happening on one server.
We have Freepbx Distro and use the UCP to allow users to update their phone BLF and Speediales .
We use Polycom Phones and it works on 10 Servers running Freepbx PBX Firmware:10.13.66-21
I have one server that is giving me an error in UCP under device manager
"Only licensed for Sangoma devices"
i don’t know why this server says this?
i have the latest licenses.

Hi Greg!

Which ones and are you sure they have all been renewed?

It sounds like you want to use UCP for EPM which is a commercial module which used to be sold separately but is now part of the commercial EPM (EndPoint Manager) module bundle.


If you bought it before that change I am not sure if it entitles you to both module or only one though…

If you don’t have those commercial licences active I believe both of those modules (I know it’s the case for EPM itself) only work when you have Sangoma phones…

If you have active licences for those modules you should probably open a commercial module ticket.

Have a nice day!


That means you have not bought UCP for EPM for that server and you bought EPM back when UCP for EPM was not included

how do i fix that?
i am licensed till 2021 on all my modules
i just renewed

just buy ucp for epm. it is only a one time fee

If you’ve definitely purchased a license for UCP for EPM (not just EPM) and it is not showing as licensed when you browse to Admin, System Admin, Activation even after you click the button there to update, then open a support ticket of type Customer Service & Billing so we can investigate.


I have a dumb question…

What happens to the renewal fees next year once he buys UCP for EPM?

Because of the values of the separate products they were different I believe than what they would be now with the new bundle, no?

Once he has both products it is equivalent to the new bundle…

So does he stay with the old renewal pricing or gets the new one once he has both products?

(Question is which one is actually preferable for him, I don’t remember the exact rules for renewal pricing and the old price of the products…)

Have a nice day!


i have opened a ticket with support.
they fix the license for me and now it works.