UCP alternative for checking shared mailbox? UCP uses too much ram

My hosted PBX only has 2 GB of RAM. Is there an alternative to UCP that does not use as much RAM?

Asterisk 13.23.1

I recall an old user control panel on PIAF (may have been the old ARI?). Am I still able to use this on 13? Any other suggestions? UCP used by like 10 people, it completely killed asterisk on my system.

Possibly, https://community.freepbx.org/t/group-voicemail-how-to/

You can but you won’t be able to listen to any voicemails.

If you want, you can have Voicemail to email go to multiple email addresses.
You can also set a BLF key *98EXT to monitor the shared VM.
Or if you have phone apps, I believe you can do it there as well.

Thanks for the confirmation Andrew! I appreciate all your hard work (and I still use OSS EPM now and again when I run into a random device I’ve never configured before).

That might help, I’ll put it in place and see if that qualifies as a workable solution.

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