Two PBX's, one problem (Contact header and network)

Im hoping for some insights into an oddity I am seeing.

we have TWO freepbx systems in a building, both on the same 10.50.x.x network

remote users use the same VPN, to the same platform, to reach the phone servers
openVPN adds another odd IP to the mix…
Both servers see a Register “from” the VPN server’s 10.50.x.x IP, with a Contact of the VPN 100.96.x.x

One server registers the user correctly as the 10.50.x.x IP
the other registers them at the 100.96.x.x IP, which isn’t routable, and fails.

as fas as I can tell, the configuration is Identical between these systems… any suggestions on where to look to find why one is registering the user at the Contact header IP and the other is using the From IP?

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