Two lines for one extension

Hi to all,

in our organization many users have two lines, one desktop (main) and
one mobile (secondary); each one has different extension number, main
is e.g. 65, secondary is 1065.

The strategy should be that main extension ring, after timeout
secondary extension is rung. When one of two is busy, either for
incoming call or outbound generated call, a new incoming call should be
returned as busy.

Now, I get successfully working such ring strategy with the
follow-me, but on the busy issue I didn’t find yet any solution (I also
tested with a queue), when secondary extension is busy then main can
still receive incoming calls.

Thank you in advance.

Didn’t you just post this question a couple of minutes ago?

The short answer is that you’re going to need to write a custom context that looks at the call state of the two lines and if either is busy, forward the call to voice-mail. If they are both available ring them in a ring group that fails over to a single voicemail (to make it easier on the answerer doesn’t have to check to voicemail boxes).

Ok, I will try.

Thank you.