Two external IP addresses (Gama Active and Standby Trunks)

I have two PJSIP trunks with Gamma, which require traffic for each to be from a separate public IP address

The problem is that in the header I cannot specify which IP address to put for each one in the “Via” portion in the message, I am able to get all of the other fields to be correct but the call is rejected because of this

Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport=61408;;

Can I set this up anywhere?

Where does it generate this information from?


Are you operating in a dual wan scenario, meaning you have two internet connections?

You can’t do that. The Via headers are showing the route that the call took to get to where it did and thus the route for replies to take.

Why do you need two SIP trunks from the same provider? Can you just do what you need over one?

One WAN with two public IP addresses

It is a fall over so if their primary data centre goes down then you can use the standby trunk

Thats kinda dumb. So in order to use thier failover you, as the customer, must have multiple IPs. That is unreasonable.

But since you have one WAN, not really sure how you would do that. Asterisk doesnt let you choose which source IP to use.

Yes, I have asked them if I can do it but they are emphatic about the two IP addresses

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