Twilio : Received incoming SIP connection from unknown peer to

I attempted to configure FreePBX for use with Twilio, which I had successfully done before using chansip. However, now neighter with chansip nor pjsip inbound calls aren’t reaching anywhere, and instead, I’m receiving “the number you have dialed is not in service.” Outbound works fine.
please help.

Your Inbound Route must have DID Number entered as shown in your log, starting with +1747 and Match (Permit) for the trunk must include

Didn’t work. In my log the signaling IP Gateway is rejected while my firewall is not even active.
Is it necessary to whitelist the signaling IP range in any specific location?

This is not related to firewall – it’s how pjsip recognizes with which trunk the call is associated.
Set Match (Permit)for the Twilio trunk to,
For North America numbers. If you have numbers in other countries, use the complete list from Twilio.

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No i have numbers for North America.
Great. it is working now!

Thank you very much Stewart

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