Trying to send Voicemails to Emails in Version FreePBX

I’ve been trying to use Sysadmin Pro to setup my voicemail to email service on FreePBX but am not having any luck. I started getting " Connection Timeout" or “Network Unreachable” then I added the SSL port to the smtp’s ip address and now I get “lost connection with x.x.x.x[x.x.x.x] while receiving the initial server greeting)”. Please help.

This is a network error, and isn’t anything FreePBX can handle. Speak to the people who handle your internet connection, and start debugging from there.

(If you’re the guy who was in IRC the other day, with a Comcast connection, you left before checking your gmail settings, which should get through almost any ISPs stupid filtering)

I tried my gmail account and got an unauthorized authentication error in the mailog and got an email from google saying “Sign in attempt prevented” then it goes on to say “Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account from an app that doesn’t meet modern security standards.”

Yeah I get that but when I manually add port 465 to the smtp address I get the later connection error “lost connection with x.x.x.x.[x.x.x.x.] while receiving the initial server greeting”. Sounds like it get’s outside of my network with that config. Any thoughts?

Would anyone else like to suggest anything?

Thanks for all the awesome replies…can’t believe nobody knows how to do this.

A quick google turns up this:

More specifically this

Postfix relayhost option doesn’t support SMTPS connection.

This is essentially what you are trying to do I believe by providing port 465 beside the name of the SMTP server that you want to use… It tried to set it as a “relayhost”…

I can’t help you for the authentication with gmail part as I don’t use gmail…

(I have my own mail server)…

Good luck and have a nice day!


The only issue with this might be that the Sysadmin Pro module might want to rewrite part of that config but it’s definitely worth a try…

Hopefully FreePBX only changes the most basic of things like the relayhost and does it using postconf so it should be relatively safe…

Have a nice day!


Gmail will require some authoritative credentials, I have always use pam (as most do) , I don’t use any commercial modules so can’t answer.