Trunks Registered following warm backup

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I have a call logged with commercial support that covers aspects of this; but I havent had any feedback for a while, so thought I would reach out here.

On a PBXAct system, we are performing a warm backup, as per the instructions found at:

However, it isnt working as outlined in the document:

  • When the trunks are restored, they remain enabled, even though it is configured for them to be disabled.
  • Emails are NOT sent, this is configured to see regardless; however the email is never sent.

Having the trunks restored, and remaining enabled is causing us major call flow issues; to which we have had to disable the backup.

All modules are up to date on both systems.


IIRC there was someone here not too long ago who also complained about the same issue.

This sounds like a bug to me, report a bug:

Just taken a look, and a few other people have logged in over the past couple of months - so I have chosen to watch those issues.

Doesn’t look like it will be quick tho - hasn’t been assigned to anyone, etc.

You can vote, and add your input.

Also, please post the link to the already created report for people coming here in the future.


The related issues I found are:

Both as minor; but have pretty major operational impacts.

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It seems to me that @avayax was having a problem like this and figured out a work-around. Maybe he’ll chime in.

Hi guys,

Sorry I can’t help out here, haven’t used warm spare before, using mostly HA on my systems.

Good luck finding the solution though!
I recall reading threads where someone was having the same problem.

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Thanks, one of those bug reports you listed is the one I posted.

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