Trunk is not working

i am using trixbox open and using two trunks, unfortunately now one trunk is not working. could you plaese helpme how to rectify this issue.

Trixbox is dead, has been for a long time. There is no support for it here.

I could try to help if you provide a little more info, including exactly what message you are getting and a log of a failing call.

Trixbox is an extremely old “repackage” of a really old FreePBX - 10+ years old. It is also no longer supported or receiving updates. You really need to look at upgrading to a new version of FreePBX. There is a tool to help with this, but an old Trixbox system may even be too old for that.

The log files for your machine are at /var/log/asterisk/full. The log file should have the connect error documented there. If you get in and can’t figure out what the problem is (it’s should be reasonably obvious from reading the error) let us know what the error is and we will try to help you.

Dear Friend,
i am relatively new in pbx system, my colleague is left in last month.we are using ZAP trunk. i am two trunk zap1 is working fine. for second one not connecting call its only in idle. where i can i get log of failing call.

ZAP trunks are for PSTN or ISDN networks. That means that the problem can be from the provider.

Do you have PSTN or ISDN service?

Dear Friend,
we are using PSTN network, let me check for the service also. Thanks for your guidence.

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