Trunk between MP114 and freepbx

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It is not mandatory to use registration, you can enable or disable it, and configure the trunk accordingly. If you enable registration on the MP, you use host=dynamic on the trunk. If you disable registration, you use host=x.x.x.x on the trunk, being x.x.x.x the IP of the MP

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ooh okay i understand what you mean. I should check how I can disable it

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i had already disabled the registration of the SIP:


Now configure the trunk accordingly and it should work.

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outbound calls are unsuccesfull through the trunk.
“all circuits are busy now”


Your trunk is not correctly configured

“Dial failed for some reason with DIALSTATUS = CHANUNAVAIL and HANGUPCAUSE = 3”

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hmm can you guide me with the configuration of the trunk? I cannot find my fault


I could do it through anydesk. Send me a private with the anydesk code.

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okay how can I chat you in private?


Click on my name and it will show a message icon

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