Trouble with recordings

I’m still not clear why Lenny is not recording anything. How can I make it record?

I have also noticed there are no call records for Lenny in the UCP since last Sunday.

it was recording, you turned it off, if you want it in a particular directory you need to add the /year/month/day/whatever path to the location

Okay, I see by removing that by removing this line from the dialplan, I turned it off

> same => n,ExecIf($[${i}=1]?MixMonitor(${UNIQUEID}.wav))

So how do I fix it to go to the right location? I imagine I would have to modify the ${UNIQUEID} to append the date info you suggested but I do not know the syntax for that.



That depends on what you mean by the “right” location, as a second guess . . .



That looks good. I’ll give it a try.

By “right location”, I mean where the recording link will be displayed in the CDR report

By default, FreePBX only starts recording once the channel was bridged, Lenny does not do that.

You can change this behavior in advanced settings.

So Lenny is not bridged?

Where in advanced settings to change this behavior? I see nothing referring to "bridged’

In advanced settings, change Call Record Option to No. (You might need to enable display and override read only settings)

The key is about getting bridged, not answered

You mean the recording options on inbound calls to be set to NO?

I don’t know what you mean by display and override read only settings
I want all calls sent to Lenny to be automatically recorded.

Settings > Advanced Settings

Don’t begin recording unless a call is bridged to another channel

This is set to Yes

It gets very boring after you have heard the ducks quack a few times. but I guess some want to listen to him to kill time, I would just record the caller leg and have sox cut replace any silence longer than 2 seconds with a beep, cos after a while those 16 ‘lennies’ get repetitive.

the problem is the caller leg is recorded but once transferred to Lenny, the recording stops

That did the trick. The link to the recording is included in the CDR for the call.

I still don’t understand it all yet but that’s why I’m here.

When I look at the call history for Lenny in the UCP, I do not see any records past last Sunday. That’s another issue and I’ll do a little more exploring.

This is just for learning and experimentation.

What is “sox”?

I only have bash and no way to send the output to an audio device now.

In no way can that be true. (You need a lot more than bash to start and run FreePBX, not least of which is ./usr/sbin/asterisk. You might not have sox, but you certainly don’t just have bash.)

Then why do you care about recording? (You can send the output file from sox in the same way as you are sending recordings.)

You can use your ssh client if it has sox installed,
from the ssh client

ssh your.pbx "cat /var/spool/asterisk/monitor your file"| play